Sport Psychology

Olympians use them. Almost every college team, pro sports team and national team has one. Sport Psychologists give you strategies to meet your goals, and the confidence and mental toughness to keep you on your game.

Mental Skills Coaching

Individualized mental skills training programs can provide you with techniques and support in goal setting, visualization, focus, routine, commitment, positive thinking and confidence, stress and fear control, relaxation, communication, leadership, and motivation. Sport psychology can also help you to manage anxiety, cope with major life or sport transitions and deal with competitive stress.

Team Sport Psychology

A team is only as strong as its weakest link. Sport psychology sessions can maximize team and individual athletic performance, build routine and promote teamwork, improve overall team energy and improve goal setting. […read more]

Sports Vision Training

Improves reaction time, eye-hand coordination, and peripheral awareness. […read more]

Concussion Support

Our Sport Psychologists also offer Concussion support, diagnosis and rehabilitation. […read more]

Personal Counselling

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to face life’s challenges alone, and everyone has times where they can benefit from a little outside help. Our areas of special interest and expertise include Chronic Pain, Trauma/PTSD, Life Transitions, Depression, Anxiety, and Eating Disorders.

Every therapy session is as unique as each individual client. Initial sessions are intended to provide the therapist with a thorough description of your concern, what solutions you have tried, and what your goals for therapy and the future may be. This typically requires the duration of the initial session. Subsequent sessions focus on solving your problem and any new issues that you choose to address.

Sport Psychology is covered by most benefit plans.

Note: RVH counselors do not specialize in family/couples counselling or counselling for children under 10.