Concussion Management

A concussion can be a serious injury that results in lifelong challenges. There is considerable media attention focused on the effects of concussion in sports, but it’s not just professional athletes who are affected.

It is hard to completely eliminate the risk of concussions in sport, but the chance of long-term effects is significantly reduced with the right recovery program. The RVH program combines the cutting-edge C3 Logix Concussion Assessment with our comprehensive rehabilitation program to create one of the most complete concussion management systems available for individuals who have been involved in a sport‐related injury and/or have the goal of returning to sport/activity.

Post-concussion assessments can be booked by calling our reception team at 780.430.9224

Baseline Concussion Testing

Baseline testing gives a clear picture of function before concussion and a starting point to compare against if an incident occurs. Returning to play too soon can lead to serious complications; baseline testing helps clinicians make better-informed and safer return to play/return to work decisions. Having the information for a doctor to make and objective decisions, is a key factor in a comprehensive Concussion protocol.

The Base by RVH offers comprehensive baseline concussion evaluation utilizing the C3 Logix Concussion Assessment program and the Dynavsion protocol, which combined make up the most comprehensive baseline assessment test available to us. The assessment includes a neuropsychological evaluation of reaction time, processing speed and decision making abilities, as well as neuro-motor, balance, and visual acuity assessment.

For more information contact Mike Saunders, Concussion Program Assistant & Vision Training Lead;

Post-Concussion Treatment Program

Recovering from a concussive injury can be a frustrating and challenging process. Assessment and treatment should be managed by a team of trained professionals that work together to address all aspects of the injury. The RVH program is based on the guidelines outlined in our Concussion Management Pyramid.

  • Physical treatment is a key factor in recovery and addresses the soft-tissue damage that occurs as a result of impact. Many concussion symptoms such as headache and nausea can be exacerbated by soft tissue injury. Treatment also addresses range of motion, muscle strength, and balance issues.
  • Vision training using the Dynavision D2 improves processing speed, reaction time, peripheral awareness, and concentration abilities.
  • Treatment begins with a neuro-psychological evaluation as well as motor, balance and visual acuity assessments. We use the C3 Logix Concussion Assessment to measure cognitive and motor performance. C3 Logix uses the Performance Pentagon to visually represent symptoms, which helps us make better-informed and safer return to play decisions.

Concussion Fact Sheet

If you have sustained a sport-related concussion, are an athlete participating in a contact sport or would like more information on Baseline Testing, please contact our Concussion team for more information:

Nic Allen, Concussion Program Coordinator;
Mike Saunders, Concussion Program Assistant & Vision Training Lead;