Team Training

A team is only as strong as its weakest link, but by strengthening the foundation of a team as a whole, they will perform better overall. Our tailor-made team training programs can include warm-up strategies, nutrition programs, sport psychology sessions, baseline concussion testing, injury risk assessments and sport specific training programs.

All team services are available at The Base

Team Training – In season or off season

U14 8:1 ratio , Ages 15+ 6:1 ratio
U14: $150 per training session (maximum 16 athletes). $15 per additional.
Ages 15+ $150 per session (up to 12 athletes). $80 per additional 6 athletes.

Program Deliverables:

  • Reduced injury risk, understanding of fundamental injury causes and prevention strategies.
  • Comprehensive warm-up
  • Improved mechanics, coordination, positional sense and brain-body connection
  • Improved stability and core strength
  • Improved conditioning, endurance and overall fitness
  • Improved power and explosiveness
  • Improved spatial awareness and reaction time
  • Improved speed, agility and quickness

Injury Prevention Program and warm-up coaching

Our Injury Prevention program focuses on building the fundamental mechanics that are required for balance, stability and control. A key component is the our Athlete Warm-up, which is designed to prepare athletes physically and neurologically for training. This Warm-up is designed to be completed before sport-specific drills, and focuses on age and ability appropriate exercises that aid in injury prevention and improve overall mechanics. A good injury prevention warm up will help athletes learn the fundamentals of movement and build the glute and core stability that is required to prevent injury.

3 Training Sessions $450


  • Reduced injury risk
  • Understanding of injury causes and prevention/treatment strategies
  • Improved balance, stability and coordination
  • Improved neurologic adaptation.
  • Improved squat mechanics (the sport ready position)
  • Warm-up program

Team Nutrition Coaching

$250 per session for up to 12 athletes, $20 per additional athlete

Intro Session:
Nutrition and hydration requirements, food choices, nutrient ratios, sample day meal plan
Fundamentals of how and when to properly fuel as an athlete
Training strategies – pre/during/post
Follow Up Session:
Strategies for fueling on the go – travel, tournaments, accommodating school and work,
Overview of game day prep

Comprehensive Nutrition Program

$1500 per team of 12, $125 per additional athlete
Includes the above coaching sessions, with a full team nutrition assessment, individual meal planning session for each athlete and 2 group follow-up coaching sessions_Power to weight ratio testing available for an additional $25 per athlete_

Team Mental Skills Training

$250 per 60 minute session
Weekly/monthly sessions based on principles of sport psych but tailored to team goals

OMSAT Mental Skills Assessment

$25 per athlete Minimum 10 athletes
Provides individual reports on athletes mental strengths and weaknesses. The OMSAT helps to tailor mental skills training to meet a teams individual needs

Baseline Concussion Testing

$40 per athlete
Baseline testing gives a clear picture of function before concussion and a starting point to compare against if an incident occurs. Returning to play too soon can lead to serious complications; baseline testing helps clinicians, teams and parents make better-informed and safer return to play decisions. The RVH program provides offsite, cost-effective testing to groups to make baseline testing accessible to teams. Contact our Concussion team lead, Nic Allen at for information on rates.

Sport Vision Training

$150 per session (12 athletes)

The Dynavision board trains athletes to process greater amounts of visual information faster and more accurately. The result is that they make better decisions, and their physical reactions are faster and more accurate, especially when under stress. Athletes improve eye-hand coordination, anticipation, peripheral awareness, and attention. Team sport vision training incorporates the Dynavision Board, reaction time training, hand-eye coordination exercises, and Oculous virtual training

Please contact Kristen Specht at 780.430.9224 or to receive a personalized team proposal.

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