Youth Athlete Development

Our Athlete Development program teaches young athletes the fundamental athletic skills that are essential to improving performance and preventing injuries. The performance benefits of the program include better coordination and balance, proper muscle movement and function, improved confidence, reduced risk of injury, and better strength, stamina and speed as they develop.

Young athletes benefit greatly from training based on overall athleticism and sport skill. Exercises are incorporated into a framework of games and teamwork to keep kids engaged and having fun. Our small group setting allows for a cost effective team atmosphere while still allowing quality instruction and attention to detail.

Athletes train in a group setting. All abilities are welcome – athletes will be grouped with others at their level and then progress within the program at their own pace. Sessions are closely supervised to ensure that all athletes are challenged.

This is a 8 week registered program for ages 7-13.

One class per week:
8 weeks (8 sessions total)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 5-6 pm $100

Two classes per week:
8 weeks (16 sessions total)
Choose two: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 5-6 pm $160

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