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It’s that time of year: sunshine, green grass, clear paths for running and cycling and….seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies can really slow a person down and contribute to lack of participation in outdoor activity. Many of us are sensitive to a variety of dietary and environmental irritants, but much of the time our bodies can fend off one or two triggers at a time. This time of year there is a high concentration of pollen, snow mold, and other irritants released into the air, and our systems can be easily overwhelmed. One of the tough things about allergies is they tend...

Todd Grundy

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There are going to some ”Embrace the Suck” moments throughout the 24 hours and I’m excited to see how we bolster and/or feed off of each other at those times.

Squat Mechanics

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Learn how to do the ideal squat.

43°22 Athlete Development Program

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The 43°22 Athlete Development program is a system designed to equip young athletes with the fundamental skills required for athletic success and injury prevention.

Katherine and Michelle Plouffe: High Performance Program

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Injuries aren’t fun, but they give you a lot of perspective. I have had to learn to focus on my long term health and not just constantly playing through pain. Taking a couple days off, for example, is hard for me to do because I feel like I’m letting my team down sitting on the sidelines. But I am learning that’s the best thing I could be doing if I want to help my team late into the season. I don’t have an off-season, and it’s definitely become more important to manage the rest that I’m able to get. Working...

Food Sensitivity

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Food sensitivity is often mistaken for food allergy. It’s actually more like an immune reaction to food. Problems with digestion can result in moodiness, fatigue, achiness, weight gain and overall poor health. Your gastrointestinal tract (GIT), also referred to as the gut, is large; up to 30 feet long! More than 60 tons of food will pass through it in your lifetime. The GIT does much more than handle digestion. It is considered the ‘second brain’. The symptoms of food sensitivity can take up to three days to appear and the spectrum goes far beyond the classic symptoms of skin...

Yukichi Hattori

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This week, Alberta Ballet presents Dynamic Directions, featuring the work of three of Canada’s best known dance makers: Aszure Barton, Wen Wei Wang and Alberta Ballet’s own Yukichi Hattori. Yukichi trained in Tokyo and Germany before beginning his career with the Hamburg Ballet in 1999. He has been dancing with Alberta Ballet for ten seasons. We sat down with Yukichi for a rapid-fire Q & A to find out what inspires and motivates him as an athlete and an artist. RVH: Where do you draw inspiration from for your work as a choreographer? Yukichi: My everyday life and everything that...

A Naturopathic Doctor's Strategy for Ensuring Healthy Pregnancy

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We asked Dr. Stacey Richards, N.D., to weigh in on how she helps couples conceive, have a healthy pregnancy, and ensure the best possible start for baby. ! To seek medical treatment for infertility, a couple usually has to have been unsuccessful in becoming pregnant for a period of at least a year. It’s the opposite for Naturopathic Medicine. I prefer to see the couple up to a year before they start trying to have a baby. The ultimate goal is to boost their fertility on all levels. There are many pieces to the puzzle; getting an egg and a...

Biosteel: Informed Choice Certified Nutrition Products at RVH and The Base

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Protein powders and bars provide easily digestable, quickly available fuel. At RVH and The Base we carry the BioSteel Informed Choice Certified line. These products are tested by third party labs that use ISO 17025 and/or NSF/ANSI Standard 173 to ensure they are free from banned substances. This is important for a drug-tested athlete, but also benefits other consumers by ensuring that the listed ingredients are all accounted for. Regulation of nutritional supplements is minimal so many companies don’t label their products accurately. Each of the Biosteel products has a different formulation, with a specific use in mind: To start...

Achilles Tendinitis: What Can I Do?

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Edmonton’s running community doesn’t let the chilly weather slow them down. From the Fall Classic in October to the Hypothermic Half in February, there’s plenty to keep you on your toes all year long. Distance running is highly repetitive, which can exacerbate poor biomechanics and lead to repetitive stress injuries. Achilles Tendinitis is one of the most common overuse injuries. The condition is characterized by swelling, pain, and in severe cases, thickening of the tendon. Those most often affected have overpronated arches (flat feet) or a history of ankle sprain. It’s common to develop Achilles Tendonitis in conjunction with a...

Warren Lesenko

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Warren Lesenko is the Senior Electrical Engineer at SMP Engineering. He’s also an avid runner and outdoor enthusiast. Some of his favorite places in Canada can only be accessed on foot…preferably with his dogs leading the way. RVH: Why do you run? Warren: I ran middle distance as a kid, up to the age of 16. I got away from it as my body grew and I started playing contact sports. I returned to running in my early 40s with the coaxing from my then girlfriend (and current wife) as a way to control my weight. At one point I...

Concussion Management

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A concussion can be a serious injury with lifelong challenges. We sat down with Sport Psychologist Nic Allen to pick his brain about the benefits of prescreening athletes. What is a concussion? Nic: A concussion occurs when a force affects the body, causing the brain to impact the inside of the skull. Common signs of concussion including headache, poor reaction time, fogginess and concentration impairment. A complication for diagnosing and treating concussions is that we aren’t 100% sure what happens to the brain when a concussion is received. Concussion symptoms mimic everything from PTSD to whiplash, so a differential diagnosis...

Invest Where it Counts: Three Tips to Help You Spend Your Food Dollars Wisely

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We asked RVH Sport Nutritionist Shari Reiniger to give us pointers on which produce is worth shelling out for, and where to save. 1. Understand Organic While organic labels do not always guarantee a better product, organic fruits and vegetables are pesticide-free. Knowing that you are not ingesting chemicals can be worth the extra cash. Consider that an organic label does not mean the fruits and vegetables were picked at their peak of ripeness or that they are local, so it does not always affect the level of nutrition in the produce. Also, organic fruits and veggies sometimes do not...

Find the Right Running Shoe: Advice From An Expert

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It’s often said that running is easy; all you need is a pair of shoes. However, finding the right shoe can be tricky. When it comes to footwear for running, all shoes are definitely not created equal. We asked our resident foot expert Dr. Marcy Lampshire for her advice on sport footwear. Replace Your Shoes Regularly The standard recommendation for mileage is 300-400 miles. (500-600 km) Stature and weight of each runner will place them lower or higher on that range. People who run daily might consider buying a second pair of running shoes to alternate in. This allows the...

Supplements: The Top Three For Every Body.

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Supplements are intended to support our health and wellness, but it can be tricky to figure out which ones are really useful. Not all supplements are created equal. Some may not be useful or even safe for every person to take. We asked RVH Naturopathic Doctor Stacey Richards about which supplements she recommends to patients looking for overall improvement in health and performance. The Big Three: A quick guide to the supplements everyone should be taking Fish oil: Omega-3 fatty acids are active in supporting brain function and memory, bone density, hormone balance, lean muscle mass preservation and managing inflammation....

Iliotibial Band Syndrome: What Can I Do?

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Edmonton’s green spaces are a playground for cyclists, runners, kayakers, hikers, skiers and dog walkers throughout the year. Our city is home to the most expansive urban parkland in North America, including 22 ravines with over 100km of trails. Finding a great trail? That’s easy. Sticking to a routine when you start experiencing pain? That’s tough. Iliotibial Band Syndrome is one of the most common causes of pain for runners and cyclists. Poor muscle activation or muscle imbalances in the hips and legs can tighten the IT bands, resulting in torque that causes pain and inflammation at the side of...

Keep Calm and Breathe

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At RVH and The Base, breathing is the first skill we teach athletes to master. Their performance depends on it. Breathing is arguably the most important bodily function. It supports the nervous, circulatory and digestive systems. Unfortunately in our modern world, many of us spend too much time sitting at a desk or in a car. The resulting shortened, weakened muscles make it difficult to breathe the way we are designed to. If you watch a baby or young child, you will notice their breath expands their belly first. Their shoulders and neck remain relaxed. Most adults breathe apically, using...

You're Sweet Enough: 5 Tips for Managing Your Sugar Intake

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Have you ever looked at a food label to find out how much sugar is added to a product? Seems simple, right? Wrong. Sugar comes in many forms, and some are more familiar than others. You’ve heard of sucrose, glucose and fructose. How about Ethyl maltol, Galactose, Diatase, Barley malt, Carob, Sorghum, Ethyl maltol, Avena sativa, Oat syrup, Panela, Raspadura, Panocha…… the list goes on and on. And don’t be fooled by healthy sounding names like agave, date sugar, maple syrup or honey. The body processes all of it the same way. Even if we could figure out how much...

Catching Up With Joanne Courtney

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Team Homan kicks off the second half of their action packed season first thing in January. We checked in with Joanne Courtney during her Christmas break to get her perspective on the season so far. RVH: What are some highlights from the past four months? Joanne: We’ve had a great first half of the curling season. Winning the Canada Cup at the beginning of December was definitely a highlight for us. The format of that event is similar to that of our Olympic Trials so we were really happy to win the title. The final itself was a great test...

Patellofemoral Syndrome: What Can I Do?

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Edmonton has an awesome running community with many outreach events and training groups for all levels. Even in the dead of winter, Edmontonians can look forward to the Pure Protein Resolution Run and The Hypothermic Half Marathon. This time of year the conditions are challenging; whether it’s braving the cold and slippery streets or dealing with the limitations of an indoor track or treadmill. Distance running is a highly repetitive form of exercise, which can exacerbate patterns of weakness and cause repetitive stress injuries. Pounding the pavement with poor biomechanics results in muscle imbalance in the legs and hips. This...

Fatigue: The Top Three Causes and What to do About Them.

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If fatigue is keeping you from being active or achieving your fitness goals, you are likely experiencing the effects of one or more of these issues: Adrenal fatigue, inadequate or poor quality sleep or poor nutrition. The team at RVH and The Base can help. Our Sports Psychologists, Naturopathic Doctors, Acupuncturists, Sports Nutritionists and Massage Therapists can all play a role in alleviating one or more of these conditions, and get you get back on track to an active lifestyle. Adrenal fatigue is caused by chronic or intense periods of stress. The adrenal glands become depleted over time, and cannot...

Dianne Dale

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Dianne Dale is a competitive ballroom dancer, mother (three kids, two pups) and wife. She has a long history of living an active lifestyle, including 21 years as a fitness trainer and aerobics instructor. She started dancing nearly 8 years ago as a fun hobby with her husband, and fell madly in love with the sport. RVH: What made you fall in love with ballroom dancing? Dianne: Well, what’s not to love? The music, costumes, lights, audience, the feeling of freedom on the dance floor and the people who I’ve met over the years! RVH: How does the RVH team...

Orthotics 101: Who Needs to be Wearing Them?

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The feet are subject to large forces as the first line of shock absorption for the body. Hard surfaces and high impact activities increase this load significantly. The way the foot makes contact with the ground can impact the mechanics and functioning of the entire lower extremity and pelvis. Poor foot mechanics can cause pain and dysfunction in the feet, knees, hips and low back. Also, as the body ages, the ligaments in the feet degenerate and become more lax, unable to support the body as they did previously. Orthotics act as shock absorbers – they take the beating for...

Two Simple Strategies For Optimizing Hydration

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This summer, the Coeur d’Alene Ironman competitors (including Derek and Marcy Lampshire) experienced record temperatures and levels of DNFs. The competitors struggled to keep up with their body’s requirements for hydration and electrolyte balance. Hydration is one of the key areas of any performance nutrition or basic health program. Keeping hydrated allows the body to stay in balance and function properly. This is vital for athletes who train hard. Without adequate hydration and electrolyte levels, athletes can experience cramping, reduced muscular control and contraction, vulnerability to injury, low blood pressure, overheating, increased stress and inflammation. Hydration directly affects performance. With...

Chantell Widney

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Chantell Widney is a professional triathlete, World Cross bronze medalist and Provincial MTB/CX Champion. She and her husband recently welcomed their second child. RVH: What is it about your sport that keeps you pushing for more? Chantell: I like to see how hard I can push, how fast I can go, how quick I can ride… I love pushing my body to the limit to see where it can go. I just have this internal drive to work hard. I’m not happy doing anything else. I like suffering. I obviously like winning races but that’s not why I do it,...

Hayna Gutierrez

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Hayna Gutierrez is in her sixth season with Alberta Ballet this fall. She trained and danced professionally in Cuba and Miami before moving to Canada. A charming dancer with sparkling classical technique, Hayna has captivated Alberta audiences with her performances as the lead in Giselle, Don Quixote, Balletlujah!, The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake and Madame Butterfly. RVH: Congratulations on another great year with Alberta Ballet! I particularly enjoyed your performance last season in Giselle. What are some of your favorite roles to dance? Hayna: Giselle was a very joyful performance for me. I was happy to dance this...

Amy Speed-Andrews

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Amy Speed-Andrews grew up as a competitive swimmer and trained as a distance runner in her twenties. She shifted her focus to yoga and then discovered CrossFit training in 2011. After a number of injuries stemming from an imbalance between mobility and strength, she was referred to RVH. Following her recovery, she focused her training on strength and Olympic weightlifting. Last year, Amy qualified and competed as an individual in the CrossFit Games Canada West Region. This year she qualified for her first Canadian Olympic Weightlifting Championships. She recently participated in the Gordon Kay Memorial Weightlifting Competition in Calgary and...

7 Tips to Keep Your Waistline Intact This Holiday Season

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We all know the holidays are chock full of eating and drinking opportunities. While it can be fun to indulge in our favorite foods, overdoing it can wreak havoc on all the hard work we did to be healthy leading up to December. We asked Nutrition Coach Shari Reiniger about how to plan for the party season. A certain amount of indulgence is expected during the holiday season. Here are some strategies to avoid doing major damage the day of a special event. 1. Pace yourself: Make sure you are getting enough sleep; starting the day tired and allowing the...

Size Matters: 4 Tips For Gaining Muscle Mass

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Putting on size is a top priority for many athletes. Bigger is often better when your goals are power-based. We asked our resident Sports Nutrition Expert Shari Reiniger to outline her strategy for helping athletes gain the right kind of weight. Most people think that simply increasing their caloric intake alongside their training is the key. Many times they end up adding the wrong weight – both in terms of extra water and body fat – instead of optimizing their muscle gain. We focus on adding lean mass through the right amounts and combination of nutrients as well as the...

Alissa St. Laurent: An Ultra Runner At the Top of Her Game

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Alissa St. Laurent is capping off an epic season with two huge events. This weekend she competes in the Lesotho Ultra Trail Skymarathon. Then it’s off to Qatar to compete with Team Canada at the 50k World Championships. We asked Alissa how she prepared for conquering the difficult terrain and high altitude of the Maluti Mountain range. RVH: How have you been training for the challenge of this particular race? Alissa: Right now I’m really relying on the big foundation I’ve built up over my season of racing. I have stuck to the basics and put more of a focus...

Plantar Fasciitis: What Can I Do?

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There are few things that can ruin a beautiful morning run more than foot pain. Plantar Fasciitis is an all too familiar injury for many runners. The onset often coincides with an increase in training intensity, a change in footwear or training environment (ex: trail to pavement) or a new type of activity. More often than not, it can seem to appear out of nowhere, the result of cumulative stress on the foot, often due to tight calves or flat feet. Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis include local sharp pain in the heel and arch, usually only on one side of...

Gratitude Unlocks Greatness: The Power of Positive Thinking

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For those coping with stress and/or depression, being advised to ‘focus on the positive’ can seem like trite, or at worst, insensitive advice. However, there is new research surfacing to support the idea of the power of gratitude in managing brain chemistry. We asked RVH’s Registered Psychologist Nic Allen about how he helps his clients learn to develop positive self talk, and just how powerful the act of gratitude can be. Nic: Positive self talk is so important to mental health and many people don’t recognize how impactful it can really be. Many people don’t even recognize when they have...

Neural Prolotherapy

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Neural Prolotherapy for Pain Relief is a new, and highly effective form of pain treatment. It involves multiple small injections just beneath the skin along painful tender regions that correspond to small nerves. The technique was developed by Dr. John Lyftogt, a sports medicine doctor in New Zealand who has been treating patients with chronic pain since 1978. Less invasive than classical Prolotherapy, Neural Prolotherapy consistently sees success rates of up to 80-100%. We asked RVH Naturopathic Doctor Stacey Richards, about what patients can expect from a course of treatment with this exciting new approach. Who can benefit from Neural...

Raena Waddell

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Raena has built a fifteen year career as an Edmonton-based dancer, choreographer and movement instructor. She has premiered nine of her own choreographic works in Alberta and received the 2012 Edmonton Artist Trust Fund Award. Raena believes her keen interest in intelligent exercise has not only strengthened her abilities as a performer, but has helped her rehabilitate her back after an injury she suffered in 2012, which led her to discover Garuda. Taking off where Pilates ends, Garuda has excited both the artist and movement practitioner in Raena. She recently received her Garuda Foundational Mat and Apparatus certification and connects...

The Fat Myth

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With new and often conflicting views on nutrition coming at us from all sides, it can be difficult to know what is good for us. We sat down with Fuel 2 Perform Sports Nutritionist Shari Reiniger to get the skinny on incorporating healthy fats into a nutritious diet. RVH: Does a diet that includes fats make you fat? Shari: This myth is finally making its way out of the mainstream. Eating a balance of healthy dietary fats does not make us fat. We sometimes actually increase our client’s dietary fats in order to help them get leaner. Where we need...

Shin Splints

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People exercise for a variety of reasons; increased energy levels, general health, enjoyment of good company and the great outdoors to name but a few. The biggest obstacle to maintaining this critical aspect of a healthy lifestyle for many people? Pain. It can happen for many reasons, and come in many forms. Shin Splints is an umbrella term that refers to three separate conditions: Anterior Compartment Syndrome, Lateral Tibial Stress Syndrome and the most commonly occurring injury, Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome. Symptoms of Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome are described as pain along the inner portion of the lower shin. Pain...

Taylor LeClaire

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Taylor LeClaire has had an eventful year. In late January she returned from Kingston Ontario where she skated to a 16th place finish at the Canadian Tire National Skating Championships at the Junior level. in the Spring she competed and placed second in her first Senior competition, debuting her new short program complete with new jumps. After a tough summer managing illness, Taylor is back to training, and feeling great. At the start of October she competed at Skate Canada Sask Skate in Regina and placed first for her short program. This weekend she placed first in the Senior Women’s...

Paul Taylor Dancer Eran Bugge

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We sat down with Eran Bugge, a dancer with the Paul Taylor Dance Company, to find out how she approaches classic repertoire with a fresh perspective. RVH: You’ll be performing Tangos of (Astor) Piazollo, Esplanade and Company B this weekend in Edmonton. Do you have a favorite? What do you find challenging about each piece? What are the qualities that link these works together? Eran: This is really a greatest hits program! If it were another pairing of Paul’s dances, any one of these would be easy to pick as a favorite. One of the great things about seeing a...

Jermaine Bucknor

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Originally from Edmonton, Jermaine Bucknorhas played professionally in France, Poland and Germany. This fall marks his first season on the roster with Belfius Mons-Hainaut in Belgium and his ninth season as a professional basketball player. RVH: Who has been your biggest influence in the game of basketball? Jermaine: I’ve been blessed and fortunate to have many positive influences throughout my high school, collegiate, national team and professional career. These include my father, high school coach Dave Youngs, collegiate coach Jerry Wainwright and national team coaches Jay Triano and Leo Rautins. It’s a difficult thing to pin point who has had...

Catching Up With Evan Wishloff

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Evan Wishloff is on his way to Winnipeg this weekend to compete at the Cyclocross Championships. We caught up with him for a quick chat about his challenges and accomplishments this year. RVH: Can you pick a few highlights from this season? Evan: Obviously, the number one highlight of the season is successfully completing the Cape Epic, but the season has been full of other great moments. Placing fourth at the 24 Hours of Adrenalin as a Solo racer stands out as the closest runner up. I’ve tackled the 24 Hours Solo before, but never with a result so close...

Mitch Clarke

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Fresh off of his win at the Submission Series Pro in Toronto, we sat down with MMA and Jiu Jitsu fighter Mitch Clarke to find out what keeps him motivated. RVH: How did you make the transition from Environmental Protection Officer to MMA fighter? What was your motivation to change your career path? Mitch: I was already fighting professionally when I was working as an EPO, but approaching it more as a hobby. When the recession hit I was laid off and decided to take a chance and start fighting and training full time. Luckily, it paid off and so...

Jamie Postill

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Jamie Postill holds her IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders) Pro Card in Figure and has had an extensive career as a Pro Athlete on the bodybuilding circuit. She is the founder of 212 Fitness and recently returned to the competitive stage after a 7 year hiatus from bodybuilding. Setting the bar even higher for herself, she progressed to competing in the Physique Division, and quickly earned a placement at the Olympia 2015 in Vegas. Jamie is a long time RVH client, and currently counts Dr. Jordan MacIntyre as a integral part of her support team. RVH: After a seven year...

Katherine Plouffe

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The Plouffe sisters shared an awesome summer with Team Canada, earning a goal medal against the US at the Pan Am games in July and going undefeated at the FIBA Americas Women’s Championship. Their win in the final game against Cuba secured their spot at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. We sat down with Katherine, currently playing in Romania with the Nantes Reze Women’s Basketball team, to find out what winning means to her. RVH: What are your strengths as a player? Katherine: I’d say I am versatile because I am able to handle the ball well for my...

Nicole Caron

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Nicole Caron is a dancer with Alberta Ballet. She received her early training at the Richmond Academy of Dance, Canada’s National Ballet School, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and the American Ballet Theatre. A dynamic and charismatic performer, she is frequently featured in lead roles. Some of her favourites include the principal role in Carmen, Othello, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Balanchine’s Rubies, Serenade, Allegro Brillante, Who Cares?,The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. She will be reprising her lead role in Jean Grand-Maître’s smash hit Balletlujah!, featuring the music of k.d. lang, in the 2015-2016 season. RVH: This will be your 14th...

Joanne Courtney

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Joanne Courtney is entering her second season with Team Homan, the 2014 Canadian Women’s Curling Champions and 2014 World Silver Medalists. Prior to joining Team Homan as second, Courtney played third for Valerie Sweeting and Team Alberta, making the move to Team Canada for the 2014-2015 season. She has gained recognition in the curling world for her aggressive sweeping style. RVH: You’ve been a curler for most of your life. What do you love about the game? Joanne: I love so many things about the game. It has pushed me outside of my comfort zone on many occasions and I’m...

Alissa St Laurent

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To call Alissa St. Laurent determined is an understatement. Last weekend she smashed the women’s record at Sinister with a time of 18:37 (more than two and a half hours under the previous women’s record), finishing 2nd overall in the process.A few of her other accomplishments include course records at the 100-km Lost Souls Ultra and first female at the North Face Canadian Death Race and the Blackfoot Ultra 50 miler. She spent her childhood exploring the trails near her home in Southern Alberta, ran her first marathon in 2011, completed a half- dozen marathons, including Boston, and then took...

The 43°22 Ironman

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Our founder, Dr. Derek Lampshire, will complete his third Ironman in Coeur d’Alene this Sunday. RVH’s Deanne Underwood sat down with Derek to ask him about his training and how his approach to Ironman #3 has been different. Deanne: Why Ironman? What keeps you motivated? Derek: Truthfully, endurance sports used to intimidate me. I come from a hockey background and consider myself a power athlete – I’m not built for endurance. Ironman is a huge challenge …everyone says you’re crazy for doing it, and it’s a chance to prove something to myself. I keep myself motivated because I want to...

Keeping Healthy over the Holidays

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The holidays are upon us, and our busy schedules can make it challenging to keep up with our regular training. Some of us will forgo training completely and use the holiday season as a time to rest, both physically and mentally. Is this the right approach? What does rest really mean? We have a strategy that will help you through the holidays.

Food Sensitivities

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Food sensitivities are a common concern for both children and adults alike. Many instances of gas, bloating, constipation, abdominal pain, digestive disturbance, eczema, skin rashes and hives of unknown origin, frequent bathroom use with urgency and fatigue or lethargy, joint pain and some autoimmune conditions can be resultant from the food we eat (or do not eat). Our digestive systems work hard all day, every day, to process and digest what we present to it. With our frequent consumption of processed food, intermittent antibiotic use, stress and exposure to environmental toxins, our digestive system takes a proverbial beating. Overtime, the...

Acupuncture for Low Back Pain

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In the News Recent research suggests that acupuncture is useful in treating chronic low back pain, a common complaint in approximately two-thirds of adults. Low back pain is classified as chronic if it persists for 3 months or more. Patients with chronic low back pain are often dissatisfied with conventional forms of care such as medication, physical therapy and exercise and seek out alternative treatment methods. Over the years, it has been hard to establish a comprehensive comparison between sham acupuncture (placebo acupuncture) and real acupuncture as an effective treatment in low back pain. In a recent study, adults from...

Pregnancy Massage

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Throughout pregnancy, women experience emotional and physiological changes that affect the whole body including the musculoskeletal system. These changes can create discomfort, especially in the lower back of the soon to be mother. Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints early on in pregnancy and can be due to the hormone Relaxin. Relaxin is released during pregnancy and is in it’s highest levels in the first trimester. Another reason for low back pain is that postural habits are altered as the fetus starts to grow, due to the shift in weight. Other common problems during pregnancy include...

Strengthen Your Immune System

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Our immune system is what helps keep us healthy. It wards of colds, flu, and a large variety of other bacterial and viral illnesses. When we are stressed, make poor lifestyle choices, have a diet rich in simple carbohydrates and lack exercise, we are more inclined to catch any “bug” that may be circulating. In general, our immune system is in our control and how easily we acquire an illness and the speed at which we overcome it is in our hands. Following are a few quick and easy tips that can be followed by the whole family to ensure...

The Importance of Vitamin D

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One vital function of Vitamin D is proper mineral balance in our blood and our bones

Concussion Baseline Testing

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In the fall begins the start of many school semesters and sports programs. Although it is easy to begin to slip into the regular routine of training and competing when the month of September ends, if you are an athlete now is an important time to consider proactive concussion management (1). Baseline testing is incredibly important in determining return to play procedures following a concussive injury. In fact, neurocognitive testing has been called the “cornerstone” of proper concussion management by an international panel of sports medicine experts (2). At River Valley Health, our concussion management program begins with a baseline...

Upper Crossed Syndrome

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Neck and upper back pain are common complaints. According to research over 70% of people will struggle with neck pain at some point in their life (1). These symptoms often include headaches, and can be correlated to the types of lifestyles we lead and the work we do. Office work, specifically time spent in front of a computer, tends to lead to tight neck and upper back musculature. This pattern of pain and tightness is referred to as Upper Crossed Syndrome. Upper Crossed Syndrome (UCS) is described as a tightness of the upper trapezius, levator scapulae, and pectoralis minor (and...

Stress Management

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Acupuncture calms the mind and treats the underlying organ system that may be affected, resulting in an immediate feeling of relaxation.

Golf Mechanics

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The majority of golf related injuries are strains and sprains, and those most often occur due to Poor Golf Specific Posture, Poor Golf Specific Flexibility, and Poor Swing Mechanics.

Concussions and Returning to Play

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Doctors of chiropractic are trained in the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal injuries, including the evaluation of concussions.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Symptoms that mimic those associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome may be caused by other musculoskeletal conditions.

Ski & Snowboard Injury Prevention

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Skiing and snowboarding are great winter sports which can offer high speed thrills and family fun, however precaution should be taken to prevent injuries this coming season.

What is Sport Psychology

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For athletes, sport psychology explores the mental game and how psychological aspects of sport can make an athlete a better performer.

Food Sensitivities

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Food sensitivities are more common than ever before. With ongoing awareness and attention towards lactose intolerance (milk sensitivity) and celiac disease (gluten intolerance), many individuals have begun questioning which foods are right for them. Food sensitivity testing can help provide answers to these and many other frustrating health concerns.