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It’s that time of year: sunshine, green grass, clear paths for running and cycling and….seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies can really slow a person down and contribute to lack of participation in outdoor activity. Many of us are sensitive to a variety of dietary and environmental irritants, but much of the time our bodies can fend off one or two triggers at a time. This time of year there is a high concentration of pollen, snow mold, and other irritants released into the air, and our systems can be easily overwhelmed.

One of the tough things about allergies is they tend to attack and trigger a negative response in the entire system. The body goes into ‘fight mode’ over a period of days, or even weeks, and eventually exhaustion and illness can follow. Of particular concern is the negative effect allergic response can have on gut health. Up to 70% of the human immune system resides in the gut. Any disruption to the balance of flora can lead to a loss of natural immunity to a wide variety of illnesses.

RVH Naturopathic Doctor Stacey Richards and Dr. Kirti Deol are experts in identifying causative factors, advising on regaining healthy digestive flora and helping patients modify their lifestyles so they can get back to enjoying outdoor activities with confidence. Call us today at RVH and The Base to take back the summer! 780.430.9224

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