Todd Grundy

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This weekend Todd Grundy is taking on the Worlds Toughest Mudder. Its a extreme 24-hour obstacle course challenge. Champions will be crowned, and $100,000 is up for grabs. We asked Todd a few questions about his race.

THE BASE: Why have you decided to participate in the Worlds Toughest Mudder?

Todd: The Worlds came up as a challenge that a few football coaches could do the year we all turn 40. We have completed numerous Tough Mudder events throughout North America, both together as a team, and separate from each other. We still have a competitive side and needed a goal to train for. We felt the need to elevate the bar in a milestone year, and so The WTM it was.

THE BASE: What’s are you looking forward to the most during your event?

Todd: I’m most looking forward to discovering where I hit the wall physically and seeing how strong my mental game is. We are down to only two of us running the event which will pose some additional challenges on the course from a team of three, but the camaraderie we have based on past experiences is terrific. There are going to some ”Embrace the Suck” moments throughout the 24 hours and I’m excited to see how we bolster and/or feed off of each other at those times.

THE BASE: How has training at The Base prepared you for this?

Todd: The Base has been instrumental in my preparation for the WTM. I’m a far way away from being in the same league as the caliber of athletes trained at The Base, but the philosophy there doesn’t reflect that in the training provided. Dana has been an exceptional catalyst in my overall fitness. I’ve had experiences with a number of trainers in a number of gyms over the years, and Dana has surpassed any and all standards of motivation, knowledge, preparedness and extracurricular research for my benefit. He had to start from scratch in a lot of ways and teach me proper fundamentals replacing years of poor techniques, however, once we had generated a strong foundation we were able to flow up the pyramid targeting ideal goals at each level. The training was never mundane or repetitive, but escalated with a designed methodology to achieve strength with mobility while increasing both muscle and cardio endurance. The atmosphere in the gym is astounding. Focused trainers and athletes, constant coached movement and fantastic equipment.

Another incredibly valuable piece The Base has to offer is its treatment side. My therapists and trainers constantly conversed regarding my needs and worked to together to allow me to increase my output while executing proper recovery. Having Dani available for ART right after workouts and sometimes unscheduled if needed has helped immensely. Dustie with IMS for an elbow injury sustained outside of the gym, Kirti with energy and recovery through naturopathic measures and concurrent nutritional guidance from a multiple resources, all have been instrumental in preparing me for this event.

THE BASE: What’s next after this?

Todd: What’s next? I’ve had this discussion with Dana and although we haven’t locked down exactly “what” is coming next, we have determined there “will” be a next, and The Base will play an integral role in whatever that may be.