How To Use Heat


The debate continues in the health care community regarding the use of heat for managing pain and inflammation. At RVH and The Base, we believe it has its place in the spectrum of self care.

HEAT: Blood flow provides oxygen and nutrients and removes waste from muscles and other structures. Chronic, tight muscles have inadequate blood flow resulting in irritation and unhealthy tissue. Heat application improves blood flow by causing vasodilation and is best used to treat ischemic conditions.

Heat application is best for:
*chronic injury
*chronic pain
*relaxation/stress relief

Safety Tips for Heat Application:
-do not use heat with an acute condition/injury: heat can exacurbate the inflammatory response, resulting in more swelling and pain.

-do not use heat on areas with reduced/altered sensation

-do not use heat local to metal pins/screws from surgery. Metal conducts heat and can cause damage to adjacent tissues.

-do not use heat if you have a heart condition, diabetes or severe high blood pressure

-avoid more than 20 minutes full body immersion in hot water. It can be extremely dangerous to elevate the body’s temperature outside the normal healthy range, especially for children, the elderly and pregnant women.

-stay hydrated when applying heat or while working out in a hot environment (ie: moksha or hot yoga)

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