Calling all Dancers


Our training facility is not just for track runners and footballers, but for all types of athletes. Our program ensures that all genres of dancers can minimize risk for injury and improve performance outcomes.

Our Mobility portion assesses the dancer’s overall flexibility, mobility, gait and posture patterns to identify mechanical asymmetries and limitations. The Functional portion of our program assesses the dancer’s overall stability and strength within basic athletic movement patterns. Within these exercises, the dancer’s stability, balance, alignment and core activation are mechanics in which they should be able to pattern and coordinate.

We intend to identify limiting factors in a student’s ability to train safely. With the information we have gathered we can design a training program to eliminate limitations and create unlimited potential for performance.

If you are a coach or teacher, contact our General Manager, Kristen Specht, to find out how we can help your athletes succeed. Call us 780.430.9224 or visit