Brad Switzer

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Brad Switzer is a hard working, hard hitting pro boxer, who trains at The Base. He’s Formerly the Western Canada Heavyweight Champ, and is training to compete September 9, 2016 at the Shaw Conference Centre.

Dana Perkin (Personal Trainer), Brad Switzer (Pro Boxer), Derek Lampshire (Founder of The Base)

RVH: How did you get your start in boxing?

Brad: I was a competitive swimmer as a kid. I swam at a high level from 8-14yrs old. In Grade 10, I played JR volleyball. I got kicked off the team half way through the season and the SR team picked me up for the rest of the year. It was pretty cool to be a grade 10 playing on the SR team! When basketball came around it was the same coach that kicked me off the JR volleyball team, so I decided not to play. The rest of high school I was just into skate boarding and snow boarding.

I got started in boxing as an adult because a friend of mine signed up to do an MMA fight. I committed to train alongside him to help push him. I had always wanted to try boxing but I was too scared to go down to a gym. I thought I’d walk in, they would give me gloves and head gear and put me in the ring to spar (and get beat up). This is not the case at all. You actually have months and months of training and you even have to get a medical exam before they will let you spar. So, it was my friend who introduced me to Gasper who became my coach for my first eleven fights. My eleventh fight, we won a Western Canadian title together! Our first workout was on the dance floor of Diesel Ultra Lounge and I fell in love with it. I didn’t miss a workout after that first one. I was hooked!

RVH: How has training with the team at The Base improved your strengths?

Brad: My strengths and weaknesses are kind of one in the same. With boxing, it’s always good to be bigger. In my weight class at 6’10" 310lbs I’d say that’s a strength… but I’m also a lot bigger than most of the other super heavyweights, so its also a weakness because I’m slower. We spend a lot of time at RVH on foot work, foot speed and explosiveness to get faster!

The team at RVH has helped me tremendously. I can’t thank everyone enough! Nic has helped me with goals and planning, Derek has treated my injuries and Dana is always giving me that extra push in the gym. It has just been an awesome experience and I’m proud to say they are part of my team. RVH is an amazing resource for athletes. Everything we need all under one roof.

RVH: What is the hardest thing about pursuing your sport at this level at this point in your life?

Brad: The hardest thing about my sport is finding balance. I train twice a day and work a full time job and a part time job! The grind never stops! I’ve never been afraid of hard work, so I welcome the challenge and embrace the pressure and struggle of being exhausted. I want to go to sleep but constantly need to get one more workout in for the day.

RVH: What’s the payoff? What keeps you motivated?

Brad: The payoff is being able to go to bed each day knowing that you have done the work and pushed yourself to the brink. When you are in the ring and another guy across the ring from you is looking to take your head off, you need to know with 100% certainty that you are ready and you’ve done the work. Getting your hand raised is one of the best feelings ever! I want to feel it many more times! The only way to make sure it happens is by doing the work day in and day out.

RVH: What else do you enjoy outside of boxing?

Brad: I don’t have a lot of time outside training, but when I’m not training I love getting out on my motorbike. It’s so relaxing and peaceful! I usually go on a couple of vacations with my buddies every year. These vacations are definitely not good for me or my training! I drink way too many vodka shots and usually come back 20 pounds heavier. I suffer through training for at least the next ten days. My friends are super important to me so I try to get everyone together as much as I can. We’re all so busy, but we do a good job of setting aside time every couple of Sundays for what we call family dinner. It’s awesome to get out and laugh with everyone.

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