43°22 Athlete Development Program

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Our 43°22 Athlete Development Program is designed to equip young athletes with the fundamental skills required for athletic success and injury prevention.

This program focuses on stability, core strength and movement mechanics. We incorporate age appropriate resistance and conditioning exercises alongside skill drills for overall athletic development. All of these elements are incorporated into a framework of games and teamwork by our certified trainers to keep kids engaged and having fun. Our group setting fosters a team atmosphere while still allowing quality instruction and attention to detail.

It’s important to expose young athletes to a variety of basic coordination and skill development. As juvenile sport becomes more competitive, parents and coaches are focusing earlier on single-sport training. There is increasing evidence against early sport specialization. Most training programs fail to ensure fundamental mechanics are present before moving on to complex movements and patterns. Athletes train for power before basic mobility and muscle activation are solid, leading to quantity over quality, producing injury and burn-out, especially in very young athletes.

The bottom line: 43°22 Athlete Development sets the foundation upon which all future strength, power and athletic development will be built and gives kids the tools to become better athletes. Call us today to inquire about our programs for athletes of all ages and levels of experience. 780-430-9224