Madison Moore


Madison Moore is a grade 11 student attending Vimy Ridge Academy. At 16 years of age, she is poised to test herself at a national level in the sport of figure skating. Madison will be competing in the Calgary Winter Invitational in March and Sunsational competition held in Edmonton in April. She trains at The Base.

RVH: How did you get your start in figure skating?

Madison: When I was three my mom taught me the basics of skating, but when I stopped listening to her she decided to put me in Canskate. From there I learned two foot hops and spins. One of the coaches pulled me aside one day with my mom and asked if I would like to try their figure skating program. I haven’t looked back since.

RVH: What do you love about your sport and what are your strengths as an athlete?

Madison: The thing that I love about skating is competing. I like being able to show off all of my hard work on my jumps and spins and I love performing to an audience. My strengths are my determination and dedication to my sport. My weakness is overthinking the things I am supposed to do instead of just letting go and allowing myself to do them. My friends, family and coaches help keep me in the right mind set and always allow for me to be the best skater I can be.

One of my goals in skating would be to make it to Nationals. Last year I was fortunate enough to make it to Challenge, but I was in a category that couldn’t qualify for Nationals. I had an amazing time and this year I look forward to competing at a level where I am able to qualify for Nationals.

RVH: How has training at The Base impacted your performance?

Madison: Training with the team at the Base compliments my training at the rink. They have helped improve my skating by showing me which muscles I should be using when performing tasks and by always helping me overcome injuries quickly. I love going to train at the Base because everyone is so friendly and I always leave with a smile on my face.

RVH: What do you like doing when you’re not at the rink (or at The Base)

Madison: I am a huge nerd! I love reading any adventure or fantasy book. My current favorite series is Throne of Glass. I also enjoy binge watching episodes of Doctor Who and Supernatural on Netflix. Whenever I get the chance, I love hanging out and spending time with my friends and just joking around.

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