A Naturopathic Doctor's Strategy for Ensuring Healthy Pregnancy

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We asked Dr. Stacey Richards, N.D., to weigh in on how she helps couples conceive, have a healthy pregnancy, and ensure the best possible start for baby.


To seek medical treatment for infertility, a couple usually has to have been unsuccessful in becoming pregnant for a period of at least a year. It’s the opposite for Naturopathic Medicine. I prefer to see the couple up to a year before they start trying to have a baby. The ultimate goal is to boost their fertility on all levels. There are many pieces to the puzzle; getting an egg and a sperm to connect at the right moment is not as easy as it appears. In the best case scenario, there is a 25% chance this will happen each month. Many factors have to be in alignment to ensure things happen in the right order.

There are several issues that together reduce a couples chances of conceiving. The obvious ones include age, diet and lifestyle, excess weight, stress, chronic illness and frequency and timeliness of intercourse. The factors that I look into are the ones that many doctors tend to overlook. These questions make all the difference and are the foundation of boosting fertility:

◦ Are the eggs and sperm good quality?
◦ Is the sperm able to fertilize the egg?
◦ Are hormones happily balanced?
◦ Is sperm count optimal?
◦ Is the uterine lining healthy?
◦ Is the woman able to get pregnant but not stay pregnant?
◦ Is ovulation occurring? When? Do you observe fertile cervical fluid? (fluid with a raw egg white consistency)

By working with a Naturopathic Doctor you improve your health and your chances of having a baby. You also ensure that the health of your baby is maximized. This is the reason I recommend starting care 6-12 months before you want to get pregnant. Preconception care can make all the difference whether or not you are struggling to get pregnant or carrying baby to term. Sometimes all it takes is a small change to get all the pieces aligned.

If you have questions or would like more information, contact Dr. Stacey Richards at 780.430.9224