Biosteel: Informed Choice Certified Nutrition Products at RVH and The Base

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Protein powders and bars provide easily digestable, quickly available fuel. At RVH and The Base we carry the BioSteel Informed Choice Certified line. These products are tested by third party labs that use ISO 17025 and/or NSF/ANSI Standard 173 to ensure they are free from banned substances. This is important for a drug-tested athlete, but also benefits other consumers by ensuring that the listed ingredients are all accounted for. Regulation of nutritional supplements is minimal so many companies don’t label their products accurately.

Each of the Biosteel products has a different formulation, with a specific use in mind:

  • To start the day, we recommend mixing a smoothie with fruit, a healthy fat and BioSteel Whey Protein Isolate This product contains the highest quality protein available on the market, and is sweetened with stevia. This is a longer lasting and slow releasing protein, ideal for before and after training.
  • To fuel during, or provide recovery immediately after training, BioSteel Advanced Recovery Formula is a great choice. This product boosts active recovery by supporting muscle repair. With its mix of slow, medium and fast digesting proteins and carbs, the Advanced Recovery Formula provides fast and lasting energy.
  • Our favorite product is the BioSteel Natural Nutrition Bar. This product is a super delicious dried fruit bar with greens and protein blended with a high performance sports drink. The bars are an awesome way to fuel up during an event. They’re easy on the stomach, quick digesting and actually taste good. Ironman and triathlete competitors are big fans of the bars.

It should be noted that there is no guarantee with any product, and we never prescribe supplements to our National Team or professional athletes. It is up to the consumer to be educated and make an informed choice whether to purchase and use supplements.

If you have questions about the BioSteel Informed Choice Certified products that we carry at RVH and The Base, call us at 780.430.9224.