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It’s that time of year: sunshine, green grass, clear paths for running and cycling and….seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies can really slow a person down and contribute to lack of participation in outdoor activity. Many of us are sensitive to a variety of dietary and environmental irritants, but much of the time our bodies can fend off one or two triggers at a time. This time of year there is a high concentration of pollen, snow mold, and other irritants released into the air, and our systems can be easily overwhelmed. One of the tough things about allergies is they tend...

AFLCA Resistance Training Certification Weekend

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Join Marjorie O’Connor from Fit International and MOC Systems and Dr Derek Lampshire from River Valley Health and The BASE Performance Training Gym April 1 and 2, 2017 – Saturday- 8:30- 5:00 pm and Sunday- 8:30- 5:00 pm This extensive course will cover topics such as leadership, muscular strength/endurance, introductory weight training programs and/or weight room orientation. Topics covered include: techniques and precautions, exercise analysis, design, anatomy program design, specialty background, safety considerations, training methods, and resistance training with women, older adults and youth. Plus, practical sessions and performance based techniques. This is open to all upcoming fitness trainers that...

IV Therapy

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What is Intravenous (IV) therapy? IV therapy utilizes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids to support the body’s ability to heal itself. When suffering from various illnesses, absorption of nutrients is low since the cells in the body are not functioning optimally nor does the body have the adequate building blocks to help the cells heal and recover. This is where IV therapy can help. Intravenous, meaning “in the vein,” directly delivers high concentrations of nutrients into the circulatory system, bypassing the digestive tract. The concentration gradient it creates in the body allows the nutrients to flow passively into our...

Alissa St. Laurent: Endurance Program

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Running always has a risk of injury and burnout. I’ve been lucky to avoid that since I’ve been involved with The Base’s Program. Training at The Base has created the consistency I need to be able to build, grow and constantly improve. I always feel like I’m learning something new. I feel challenged and inspired. I’ve seen the results in so many small yet specific ways and there have also been significant changes in how my body performs, adapts and recovers. I literally have gone from a hobby runner to an internationally competitive athlete since working with the The Base...

Todd Grundy

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There are going to some ”Embrace the Suck” moments throughout the 24 hours and I’m excited to see how we bolster and/or feed off of each other at those times.

Calling all Dancers

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Our training facility is not just for track runners and footballers, but for all types of athletes. Our program ensures that all genres of dancers can minimize risk for injury and improve performance outcomes. Our Mobility portion assesses the dancer’s overall flexibility, mobility, gait and posture patterns to identify mechanical asymmetries and limitations. The Functional portion of our program assesses the dancer’s overall stability and strength within basic athletic movement patterns. Within these exercises, the dancer’s stability, balance, alignment and core activation are mechanics in which they should be able to pattern and coordinate. We intend to identify limiting factors...

Squat Mechanics

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Learn how to do the ideal squat.

8 Reasons You Should Be Using Sport Vision Training

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Sport Psychologists give you strategies to meet your goals, and the confidence and mental toughness to keep you on your game. The Base Sport Vision Training is just one facet of preparing athletes for great performance.

How To Use Heat

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The debate continues in the health care community regarding the use of heat for managing pain and inflammation. At RVH and The Base, we believe it has its place in the spectrum of self care. HEAT: Blood flow provides oxygen and nutrients and removes waste from muscles and other structures. Chronic, tight muscles have inadequate blood flow resulting in irritation and unhealthy tissue. Heat application improves blood flow by causing vasodilation and is best used to treat ischemic conditions. Heat application is best for: *chronic injury *chronic pain *relaxation/stress relief Safety Tips for Heat Application: -do not use heat with...

43°22 Athlete Development Program

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The 43°22 Athlete Development program is a system designed to equip young athletes with the fundamental skills required for athletic success and injury prevention.